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    Automatic Ceiling Plates (Escutcheons) are decorative chrome plates designed for use with pendent and/or horizontal sidewall automatic sprinklers, where piping is installed above the ceiling or behind a wall. They are used to improve installation appearance by concealing ceiling or wall clearance holes between pipe, fittings and sprinkler heads.

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    • various models
    •standard response
    •all hazards
    •solder types
    •discharges a hemispherical water spray pattern in the area under the sprinkler

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    •Sprinkler Head Cabinets made of red enamel painted steel will accommodate 1/2" or 3/4" heads.

    •Will hold wrenches as well as heads.

    •Two sizes available to meet code requirements.

    •Can be wall mounted.

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    The “Automatic” Sprinkler Guard is a hard-wire cage designed to protect automatic sprinklers from mechanical damage. Its use is recommended in those areas where the sprinkler mounting height is low or where the sprinkler may be exposed to possible damage from nearby human or mechanical activity.

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    Sprinkler wrenches are required for the installation of all “Automatic” Sprinklers - and for their removal when relocation or reinstallation is necessary.