• 549_0.JPG

    Item Description:
    • Clear plastic, with soft inflated cuff and fold down top, designed to fit adult or child
    • Patented one-way valve with biological filter - allows no back flow of air or contaminants from patient to rescuer - over 98% bacterial and viral filtration efficiency
    • Anatomical shaped cushion design for air-tight fit
    • Meets all clinical and technical requirements, i.e. Flow rates, tidal volume and volume pressure ratios
    • Not affected by extreme temperatures
    • Standard 22mm fittings - can be used with any resuscitator or bag mask
    • Compact carrying case
    • 100% disposable mask and valve

  • 544_0.JPG

    Item Description:
    • This single use, clear plastic sheet is complete with a soft bio-filter and helps to reduce cross-contamination. It is ideal for first aid kits, wallets, personal bags, and first aid CPR training on people or mannequins.
    • Comes in a package of 50 shields

  • 550_0.JPG

    Item Description:
    This kit is designed to provide assistance in emergency responses to fatal breathing situations. It offers practical items that can help reduce the risk of transferring viruses while administering CPR. The compact packaging consumes little space, making the kit easy for storage and travel. It is a must for every home, work site, restaurant, community centre, school, and campsite.

    Contents: Keychain pouch, CPR-Aid Compact rescuer resuscitator, antiseptic towelettes, and disposable gloves.

  • 545_0.JPG

    Item Description:
    • 415 Litre Oxygen Cylinder, with 6 LPM Fixed Flow Regulator
    This 415 Litre Aluminum Oxygen Cylinder comes in a durable blue plastic carrying case which is self-standing. The case has a plexiglass front window, which allows easy viewing of the cylinder and gauge in case of an emergency. The unit comes with mask, tubing, regulator, and contents gauge. Each Aluminum Cylinder is filled with 415 litres of Oxygen U.S.P.

  • 547_0.JPG

    Item Description:
    Almedic Guedel Airways are made from soft, flexible, non-toxic, high grade medical plastics. The sizes are colour-coded for immediate identification and can be used on infants, children, and adults.
    • Pack of 6 disposable airways

  • 548_0.JPG

    Item Description:
    • Adult Resuscitator, equipped with pop-off valve and reservoir bag
    • Provides safe and effective artificial ventilation during respiratory arrest
    • Portable bag-valve-mask resuscitator for use with or without supplemental oxygen
    • SMART BAG (Synchronized Manual Actuation Response Technology) allows accurate controlled ventilation, in accordance with resuscitation guidelines
    • Responds to both the rescuer's squeeze of the bag and the patient's own respiratory condition
    • Reduces the risk of gastric insufflation in lowering the airway pressure generated
    • Red indicator visually warns rescuer of incorrect bag-value-mask technique
    • Soft and flexible universal face mask is designed with an anatomical chin insert to help maintain an airway
    • Non-rebreathing valve enables the patient to inspire oxygen through the bag
    • Standard 15/22 mm patient connector allows direct connection to all common masks and endotracheal tubes
    • One-piece diaphragm release allows the patient to breathe freely from the surroundings if the bag becomes blocked
    • Hand grip is not affected, even when wet or slippery
    • Complete with a reservoir bag to supply a higher concentration of oxygen to the victim

  • 556_0.jpg

    Item Description:
    • Constructed from 100% PVC
    • Over-the-ear style design for a comfortable and secure fit
    • Internal ribs create crush resistance, while soft vinyl adapters secure tightly to equipment nipples
    • Designed for use on adults

  • 553_0.jpg

    Item Description:
    • One-way valve on the reservoir bag allows a higher concentration of oxygen to flow into the mask
    • PVC construction, elongated-style clear mask with a soft aluminum nose piece
    • Disposable - prevents cross contamination and eliminates cleaning requirements
    • Complete with 2.1 m (7') 100% PVC oxygen tubing and a polypropylene connector
    • One-way valve on the side port permit exhaled air (carbon dioxide) to exit the mask
    • Features single one-way valve and one open vent

  • 554_0.JPG

    Item Description:
    • Adult oxygen mask
    • For medium concentration of oxygen delivery
    • PVC construction, elongated-style clear mask with a soft aluminum nose piece
    • Disposable - prevents cross contamination and eliminates cleaning requirements
    • Complete with 2.1 m (7') 100% PVC oxygen tubing and a polypropylene connector

  • 546_0.JPG

    Item Description:
    • comes with soft pack case and adjustable flow
    • 0-15 LPM
    • Medical oxygen cylinder "D" cylinder
    • Oxygen regulator 0-15 lpm
    • Oxygen mask with tubing
    • Nasal cannula with tubing
    • Wrench
    • Soft padded carrying case with shoulder strap

  • V-VAC.png

    Item Description:
    • Portable emergency unit for suctioning fluids and vomit from the patient's airway
    • Intake valve is designed to minimize the risk of clogging problems, back-flow of suctioned matter, tube occlusion (blockage) and soft tissue injury
    • Small and lightweight; offers one-handed operation
    • Replacement cartridges available (Item 17372)
    • Each kit contains:
    - 1 handle
    - 2 cartridges
    - 1 catheter adapter
    - 1 suction catheter
    - 1 double male connector