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    • Cloth Tape can be ripped in both directions and is ideal when stronger tape is required.
    • Available in a variety of sizes
    • Choose from Waterproof or regular tape

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    • Self-adhesive wrap sticks only to itself. No need for clips, pins, or tapes.

    • Won't irritate skin or get caught in hair.

    • Porous wrap lets skin breathe.

    • Thin, light, water-resistant material is more comfortable than ordinary elastic wraps.

    • Ideal for securing dressings, compression bandaging, wrapping sprains and strains, and much more.

    • Sold by the roll.

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    Lightweight, durable, rubber bandage used to stop bleeding with applied compression. This bandage is a safe method of applying pressure and is recommended instead of a tourniquet. 3” x 54”

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    • Reusable elastic bandage that provide support where needed.

    Available in a variety of sizes:
    • 2" Tensor
    • 3" Tensor
    • 4" Tensor
    • 6" Tensor

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    The triple cut tape comes in sizes 3/8"-5/8" and 1" on one spool.