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Backflow Certification

Backflows/ Cross Connection: Backflow prevention devices are installed on many incoming and outgoing water systems to protect the water supply caused by a backflow through unprotected cross connections. Annual testing of these devices is required by the local waterworks division and records are recorded on testing to ensure a good quality water supply to everyone.

Inspection & Certification

Sprouse Fire & Safety performs annual inspections on backflow devices as per N.F.P.A. standards and the Alberta Fire Code. We perform full tests that are on all devices to ensure that the supply from the main lines are not in danger of being contaminated because of a faulty backflow device. Backflows can be located on various different water sources. They are required on incoming domestic water, boiler supply, and fire protection. After we have performed a complete test on each device, we will supply a copy of the test report to the City so they can update their records.